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Terms of Transportation for Strength Equipment:

Strength equipment transportation is carried out by means of various modes of transport in accordance with the regulations covering a particular mode of transport and in compliance with the measures ensuring safety of both separate units and devices as well as of strength equipment in whole, eliminating spontaneous movements of the equipment during transportation, falls, hits and other mechanical impacts that cause damage to operability and/or external appearance of the equipment. Furthermore, during transportation it must be provided that strength equipment is protected from immediate impact of atmospheric precipitation and solar radiation.

Strength Equipment Storage Conditions:

Strength equipment shall be stored in manufacturer’s package inside covered premises at ambient temperature of -10°С - +60°С, with relative humidity up to 85% at temperature of +25°С, with atmospheric pressure from 84 up to 107 kPa.

During strength equipment storage it is necessary to avoid the impact of atmospheric precipitation, direct sunbeams, infrared radiation, chemical substances that destroy or decolorize the materials, out of which strength equipment is made, as well as mechanical impacts that cause damage to operability and/or external appearance of the equipment.

Installation and Adjustment of Strength Equipment:

Installation and adjustment of strength equipment shall be performed only by qualified specialists of the Customer Service Centre or of the manufacturer.

When installing the equipment it is recommended to leave free space around it equal to no less than 0.5 meters considering overall range of motion for all strength equipment components during its use.

Upon strength equipment installation at the selected location it is necessary to attach it to the floor firmly.

Prior to operation of strength equipment it is necessary to:

Become familiar with this Manual, warning and information stickers on the equipment.

Visually check external appearance of the equipment, the condition of painted and chrome-plated surfaces, power belts, cables, antifriction coating (rubber handlebars and mats), soft elements (seats, backrests, armrests, rollers, etc.) in order to detect the signs of damage.

Check operation of movable parts and devices, tension of power belts and cables, condition of threaded connections. When necessary they shall be adjusted and tightened.

While operating strength equipment it is necessary to:


  • examine equipment surfaces, bars and devices, weight stacks, power belts, cables, clamps, bearing units, motion blocks and so on in order to detect possible damages and other defects;
  • check tension of power belts and cables, tighten them when necessary;
  • keep surfaces of soft elements clean by wiping them with mild soap solution or special cleaning detergent intended for vinyl surface care. It is expressly prohibited to use cleansers containing abrasive particles as well as chemically active substances (gasoline, acetone, white-spirit, etc.).


  • check condition of all threaded connections, tighten them when necessary;
  • check operation of all movable parts and devices, if operation of the parts is hampered, or if there are unusual sounds (squeaks, noise, crackling, etc.), one shall clean and grease them, or carry out additional adjustments, when necessary. For greasing it is recommended to use aerosol light Teflon- or silicone-based lubricants (for example, WD-40 or similar).


  • inspect operation of bearings and motions blocks, clean and grease them with the abovementioned detergents.

In case damages are detected with:

Power belts, cables, bearings, moving blocks, movable parts and devices, it is necessary to discontinue the use of strength equipment immediately and contact the appropriate customer service centre of the Seller in order to repair the faults, replace damaged parts or, if the latter is not possible, to send the equipment to the Manufacturer for repair.

Upholstery of soft elements, antifriction coating (rubber handlebars and mats) it is recommended to contact customer service centre of the Seller in order to get them repaired or replaced.

It is expressly prohibited to:

Use strength equipment for purposes other than intended;

Use strength equipment with load exceeding the one set by the Manufacturer.

“FOREMAN Products” LLC reserves the right at its own convenience during the given warranty period to perform random control by the efforts of its own staff of the fact how the buyer or the user observe these recommendations on FOREMAN strength equipment maintenance directly at their location.

“FOREMAN Products” LLC warns that failure to observe the abovementioned recommendations on FOREMAN strength equipment maintenance may result in premature damages of both separate units and devices as well as of strength equipment in whole, and also may cause accidents associated with physical, material and/or moral damages to the user. In such cases the management of “FOREMAN Products” LLC frees itself from any responsibility for the accident and any of its consequences.